1. What is an online reservation tool?

    An online reservation tool is a reservation management system that digitalizes your guest reservation book. The reservation widget, when displayed on your website or social media page, enables your guests to make reservations online.

  2. What are the benefits of this system?

    You will never miss out on guests simply because they couldn’t reach you on the phone. With the feedback function, you will receive direct reviews from guests. A digital reservation system provides you with a guest database which can be used for email marketing.

  3. What do I need to use this system?

    The reservation tool can be used with any website, social media page, or Google My Business Account. You can decide where you would like to display the reservation widget.

  4. Why is METRO offering this service?

    METRO wants to support independent restaurateurs to go digital and make use of the ongoing trends in digitalization. An online reservation tool is one of its many initiatives to achieve this goal.

  5. How is it different from other reservation management systems?

    We are not a reservation portal. The reservation tool is visible on your website, your Google My Business page, and on any social media pages that you have integrated it into.

  6. Is the reservation tool completely free?

    The reservation tool is free for owners of a METRO Card. METRO wants to assist restaurateurs to take a big step into digitization.

  7. When will my reservation tool be visible online?

    If you are an Internet Presence user, you can directly integrate the reservation tool into your website. Please log into reservation tool and see the Integration tab on the Help page for more information. Other users have the possibility to integrate the tool into their website. For all users, Reservations via Google are automatically activated and the reservation function in Google is visible immediately.

  8. Can I use this on my mobile device?

    You can log into your dashboard with your mobile browser. Additionally, you can also use your product within the DISH app, which is now available on both Android and iOS.

  1. How do I login?

    You can access the reservation tool from here.

  2. How can I change/reset my password?

    If you are already logged in, you can change your password in the Account section in Settings. If you don’t remember your password, you can reset it by clicking on “Forgot Password” on the login page.

  3. I no longer have access to my registered email address. Please help.

    If you no longer have access to your registered email address, please get in touch with Customer Support for your respective country.

    Russia: +7-800 700 35 27, support-rus@hd.digital

  1. What is reservation duration, lead time, and interval?

    All these parameters are used together to optimize your reservations. A reservation duration defines for how long guests occupy a table at your establishment. Lead time determines how much in advance guests can make a reservation. If you set the interval to 30 minutes, reservation slots will be offered every 30 minutes on your widget.

  2. What are exceptional hours in reservation settings?

    This feature allows you to define exceptional hours or days when you are not accepting reservations. For example, if you’re closed for Christmas Day or New Year, you can define that you’re closed for business in your reservation hours settings. If you’re opening earlier or later on a particular day, you can also use exceptional hours to define that. In case you already had reservations for those periods, they will show up as “invalid reservations” on your dashboard and you will be required to move them to a different time or reject them. Don’t worry, we will notify your guests accordingly.

  3. Can I set up table-based reservations?

    Yes, of course. We offer the possibility to set up table-based reservations in our Advanced Package. Your customers cannot select a specific table when making reservations. Our tool automatically assigns table to the reservations based on group size and capacity in an optimal manner.

  4. I have multiple rooms in my establishment. Can I define and move tables across rooms?

    No problem! In our table setup process, we first ask you to create areas in your establishment. You can create multiple areas and rooms (e.g. Bar, Lounge, Outdoor, etc.) Once you create areas, you can create tables and assign them to specific areas. Don’t worry – you can later move these tables between rooms or modify their seating capacity.

  5. Can I change the language of the reservation tool dashboard?

    Of course! The reservation tool is available in 14 languages. You can choose your preferred language from the dropdown panel at the top right in your dashboard.

  1. How will I be notified about reservations?

    You will receive an email for all reservations. In your Notification settings, you also have the option to activate and receive SMS notifications for your reservations.

  2. Can I manually change the table that has been assigned to a reservation?

    Yes, of course. You can modify assigned tables in edit mode by clicking on the reservations on your overview page.

  3. What happens when the reservation is modified/cancelled?

    If you modify or cancel the reservation, we will notify the guest. If the guest modifies or cancels the reservation, we will notify you about it.

  4. I don’t want reservations to be automatically confirmed. Can I individually approve all reservations?

    No problem. You can always decide up to what group size you would like reservations to be automatically confirmed. For example, if you set this to 4, all reservations of up to 4 people will be confirmed automatically. For reservations of more than 4 people, you will receive a notification and you will be asked to confirm or deny the reservation request. You can also choose the setting “never automatically confirm reservations” in which case you will be prompted to confirm or deny all reservation requests.

  5. What happens when I confirm/deny a reservation request?

    Your guest will receive an email about your decision. If you choose to deny a request, you have the possibility to explain your decision by adding a short message to your guest.

  6. I have invalid reservations. What does this mean and what can I do?

    If you have modified your reservation hours and already had confirmed bookings for those periods, those reservations will now be invalid. You have the option to move them to a different time or reject them. Changes in reservation time by guest/restaurant can also lead to invalid reservations due to unavailable seating capacity or table size. You can always check and modify the reservation as necessary by clicking on it.

  1. What is Reserve with Google?

    Reserve with Google is a new feature offered by Google in association with Reservation Management Partners such Hospitality.digital. By connecting your reservation tool to Google, we help bring you more guests directly from Google. Don’t worry, none of your data will be shared with Google. We only connect your reservation hours and capacity to the Google display so that you can receive reservations.

  2. I don’t want to receive reservations from Google. Can I turn this off?

    Yes, you can. To turn off reservations from Google, access the Reservations page under Settings and uncheck the box for “Reserve with Google”. Please remember to save your changes.

  3. How can I attract more guests?

    If you notice that you are not receiving too many reservations or are experiencing quiet periods in service, you can incentivize your guests with Offers. You can create and manage Offers in your Settings.

  4. I receive excellent feedback from my guests and would like to publish it on my website. Is it possible?

    If you are an Internet Presence user, you have the possibility to publish up to 10 guest feedbacks on your website. You can select which feedback to display by accessing the Feedback page on your dashboard. You also have the possibility to un-publish the feedback at a later stage.

  1. Where can I see my stored personal data?

    You can view your personal data in the “My Data” tab in Account settings. You have the possibility to export and view your personal data.

  2. Can I change my restaurant information?

    You can change your establishment information in the “My Establishment” tab in the Account settings page.

  3. I no longer wish to use the online reservation tool. How can I cancel my subscription?

    Only Restaurant Owners have the possibility to cancel subscriptions. You can unsubscribe by clicking the Delete Account button in the “My Data” tab in Account Settings. Please note that doing so will only delete your reservation tool. Your DISH account and other products, if any, will remain unaffected.

  4. If I delete my reservation tool account, is my personal data deleted?

    If you delete your account, all your data in the product will be deleted. If you own other products, you will have to delete them separately. If you were only using reservation tool, please remember that your DISH account will remain active and you will have to delete it separately.